Want Smudge Free Eyebrows

My semi permanent eyebrow treatments are designed to achieve natural and transforming results. I understand that perfectly shaped, full eyebrows can truly rejuvenate a youthful appearance. I will design your eyebrow treatment especially for your face achieving a beautiful, natural looking results even time. Clients with thinning, over plucked or have lost their shape or symmetry. Clients have left amazed with the results 3D eyebrow treatments are able to achieve.


3D EYEBROWS: Also known as hair stroke eyebrows, individual hair strokes are tattooed on to create depth, definition and colour.

OMBRE EYEBROWS: The Ombre brow effect uses a shaded combination to create a soft or dramatic look using lighter and darker tones that run from the bulb to the tail to enhance a very natural finish.

COMBINATION EYEBROWS: Using both techniques of strokes and shaded combination to create a natural realistic finish.