The Process

Imagine waking up in the morning
with the convienence of already
having perfect make-up
Your treatment begins with a consultation to assess your colouring and face shape, therefore ensuring that the correct colours and styles are chosen for you.

Using conventional cosmetics your unique look will be created, so that you can approve the design before the pigments are infused into your skin, this ensures that the results are exactly what you want.

Immediately after the infusion process your enhancement will display a mild redness and swelling which may last at least 48 hours post procedure. The enhancement will initially be a darker shade than desired. This will gradually fade creating a colour result that will last for years.

Does it Hurt
Topical anaesthetics will be applied throughout the treatment process to reduce any discomfort felt during the procedure.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.
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